The LIFE Foundation is a Danish non-profit foundation with corporate interests. Our mission is to strengthen the interest and aspirations among children and adolescents to engage with and choose an education within natural sciences and technology regardless of their background.


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“Pandemics, climate changes, energy supply uncertainty and hunger. Our society experiences many challenges that need to be solved by innovation and people with STEM skills. At the LIFE Foundation, we aim to promote interest and motivation for science and technology among children and adolescents. We do this by offering teaching courses that engage the students to experiment and use their curiosity to try and find solutions to the global challenges we are facing.” 

– Christine Antorini, CEO, LIFE Foundation

We aim to promote STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in our society and contribute to sustainable growth in Denmark. We develop inquiry-based science courses for students in primary and lower secondary education or upper secondary education. All our courses are free of charge for schools across all of Denmark.  

The LIFE Foundation is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation


In a LIFE Course, the school class works with inquiry-based science on real-world societal challenges. The course can take place in the classroom and/or in one of our advanced LIFE Labs with teachers from LIFE. 

We develop our courses together with scientists working in companies or research institutions. The courses comply with the learning objectives for primary and lower secondary education or upper secondary education and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

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 LIFE Courses are designed around the principle that students learn by engaging actively in the process of scientific inquiry.

The Danish model of inquiry-based teaching called UBNU (undersøgelsesbaseret naturfagsundervisning) – also known as IBSE (Inquiry Based Science Education) – is based on a 6F model leading the students through six phases: Knowledge (Forudsætning) Engage (Fang), Explore (Forsk), Explain (Forklar), Elaborate (Forlæng) and Evaluate (Feedback). 

Essential to this model is the cycle in which the students must explore before they get the explanation. 


Research and evaluation play a key role in the LIFE Foundation. Although we are not a research institution, we function as a platform that facilitates science education research.

We give researchers the opportunity to investigate research questions closely linked to our LIFE Courses, as well as fundamental questions within science education.

Based on our LIFE Courses, researchers can follow students and teachers from primary and secondary schools over time, which provides unique opportunities for both quantitative and qualitative research. We offer advice and help with developing research projects based on LIFE Courses and other work we do at the LIFE Foundation. This includes questions of practical as well as theoretical significance such as organising data collection and communicating with schools and municipalities.

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Please contact our Head of Impact & Research, Niels Matti Søndergaard: nms@life.dk


Great success at ESERA!

Our research department participated in this years ESERA Conference for European science educators with a presentation on "Research-based iterative science curriculum development". There was a great interest from those present at the conference and we can't wait until 2025 where the conference will be held in Copenhagen.


During the second week of August 2023, Novo Nordisk and the LIFE Foundation hosted the first-ever Future Scientists Summer Camp in Copenhagen, Denmark.

During the week, 100 students came from across the world to explore topics like health, sustainability, and cutting-edge science.

Future Scientists Summer Camp was part of the celebration of Novo Nordisk's 100-year anniversary.


If you need to get in touch with us, you are welcome to contact our main office at +45 22 34 48 96 or information@life.dk